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Institute for Human Biology
Human Science – To the Benefit of Us All

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute for Human Biology is as simple as it is fundamentally vital for us all. Based on natural and human sciences we study human anatomy and physiology in function performing the continuous activity of living. 

We create, expand, and refine a unique and so far pioneering Scientific Profile of

  •    Optimal Human Life Conditions
  •    Optimal Human Lifestyle
  •    Optimal Human Health
  •    Optimal Human Behaviour

About Human Biology

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Our Purpose

At present, there are no scientific guidelines available to humanity that would allow a development towards a better individual quality of life. At most, we have some fragmented reactive information from the medical community about what to avoid. We have no poractive practical scientific guidance how to avoid and what to do instead.

As a result, many of our daily human activities have obviously become self-justifying, inefficient and even counterproductive with respect to improving our individual wellbeing.

On the present course of development, a healthy, effortless, and joyful individual life non-negotiably must become more difficult to achieve for most of us. Simple existence must inadvertently become harder for most of us. Indisputably, our present economic and political concepts fail. The scientific reasons for their failure are logic and obvious.

Human Biology is the only natural science out there that researches functional systemic, circumstantial, environmental, cultural, social, behavioural, and historical causes for the deterioration of human life conditions on the planet. 

The natural science Human Biology determines functional optima for human existence based on anatomy and physiology. Knowledge of such optima is absolutely required to start moving in an improving direction.

Based primarily on its own pioneering research the Institute for Human Biology crates guidelines and practical advice. The institute suggests practical actions and concepts for improvement of human health and quality of life founded on non-begotiable Laws of Nature.

The concepts include practical advice to improving economical concepts and politics towards sustainability of the species and healthy, peaceful, and existentially thriving human communities.

The Institute for Human Biology serves individuals and the public with

  •    Research
  •    Education and Training
  •    Advice, Concepts, and Consulting
Human Biology Profile

Fundamental Benefits

Our scientific understanding of the biological performance and functional limitations of human anatomy and physiology is fundamentally beneficial. It allows a reliable scientific definition of health and wellbeing, which is presently missing.

Based on a profile of optimal human life conditions, virtually any human activity - individual habits, education, social interactions, professional activities, economic, political, and organizational structures etc. - can be scientifically assessed with respect to their effect on health and wellbeing of individual functionality and humanity as a whole.

Apart from providing individuals with a basic functional understanding of requirements and limitations of their own body and mind, a profile of optimal biological human life conditions also provides presently unavailable guidelines for

  •    Parenting
  •    Education
  •    Community Planning
  •    Public Health 
  •    Management and Leadership
  •    Architecture and Life Space Design
  •    Safety and Workflow Design
  •    Economy
  •    Government
  •    Medical Community
  •    Technology Development
  •    Humanitarian Organizations
  •    WHO - UN World Health Organization
  •    etc. etc.

There is not the least scientific doubt that we humans as a species at present are in serious biological danger of self-extinction

It is in our human hands to do something about it. At the Institute for Human Biology we are determined to do that by contributing the required scientific knowledge, understanding, and advice.

The Benefit for us all is efficient, down-to-earth, scientific, logical, and proactive guidance towards improved individual human life conditions, a less strainful and less suffering individual existence, improved functionality of our human communities, a sustainable economy, and towards biological sustainability of our species.

Institute for Human Biology

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Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat. ATP
Founder, Senior Human Biologist


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