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Institute for Human Biology
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Our Services

The Institute for Human Biology offers three differing typed of service.

If you have any professional question with respect to human factors, human health and behaviour, human performance, human interactions, workflow ergonomics, safety, accident prevention, inter-human interactions and communication, family dynamics, social dynamics etc. we certainly can contribute unique significant fundamental functional aspects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific inquiry:

Individual Advice, Education, and Coaching

We empower you individually and directly enhance your personal quality of life. Our unique expertise in biological conditions for health improvement, wellbeing and most effortless thriving is the core of our Life Skill Coaching. 

We assess your unique biological life situation and assist you with tailored coaching by our experts at AmonRay Life Skills

Please contact us on our AmonRay website:

Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat. ATP
Founder, Senior Human Biologist

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